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Pro Freestyle Park Scooters

Tired of riding a scooter that rattles?

Are you tired of buying scooters that look shiny and new? But, after a week or two, they end up gathering dust in the cupboard due to that irritating rattle and wobbly bar! If so, it’s the perfect time to step up a quality pro park scooter that will not disappoint. A pro scooter has defining characteristics that set it well above your typical toyshop variation. Firstly, it contains sealed bearings in the wheels and headset. It comes in a solid state, meaning it won’t fold up and the bars aren’t adjustable. Thirdly, pro scooters contain ‘metal’ core wheels, not plastic wheels.

Meek Boyz specializes in two main types of lightweight park scooters. These all contain solid components, alloy wheels and high-grade sealed bearings in the headset and wheels. The wheels are 120mm. This size allows for more speed and higher ground clearance for the scooter deck. It is also better for street riding and unsmooth pavement. The MB custom scooter is a stunning full neo chrome design with hollow core alloy 120mm wheels to reduce the weight and it comes with narrowed T-bars to cater for the smaller rider.

The X-1 Meta scooter is available in three colours: black carbon wrap, bright snakeskin and half neo chrome. The X-1 wheels are made of tough, shock absorbing high rebound PU for smooth riding. The Y-bars contain lightweight, super-strong aluminum designed for all ages, but are predominantly preferred by older children and adults.

Meekboyz Custom
Pro Park Scooter

Meek Boyz have gone one step further again and designed the ultimate kids’ pro scooter. This scooter has shorter, narrower T-bars to fit kids better (for slimmer shoulders on young riders) and the T-bars make tricks easier to achieve. It exudes ‘wow-factor’ with its full neo chrome custom colours. The MB scooter runs hollow core, alloy, 120mm wheels to reduce scooter weight. These wheels have high rebound tyres made of high-grade white rubber to be more shock absorbent.

The MB custom scooters contain lightweight CNC 3-bolt clamp to connect the handlebars securely to the forks and narrowed T-bars to cater for the smaller rider.



  • Deck – 20.5” x 4.5” integrated alloy
  • Fork: threadless 3D forged alloy (fits up to 120mm wheels)
  • Wheels: 120mm, high rebound alloy hollow-core wheels, high compression white rubber
  • Handlebar: 23” height, 20” width
  • Headset: integrated with sealed high-grade bearings

Meta X-1 Pro Park

The Meta X-1 scooter is the complete package and the ultimate setup for riders of all ages. Light-weight parts are used which allow for greater ease of tricks and the deck is shaped flat on the sides to make finger whip tricks possible. The flat base of the deck helps riders to grind and stall more easily.

With its one-piece bar, SCS and HIC compression, integrated head-tube, alloy fork, and alloy core wheels… there is not much left to upgrade unless of course, you want titanium bars and hollow core wheels at a later stage. The Meta X-1 scooter is ready for any skate park or street spot! It is also ideal to ride indoors at SuperPark Hong Kong: https://superpark.com.hk


  • Deck – 20.5” x 4.5” integrated alloy
  • Fork: threadless 3D forged alloy (fits up to 120mm wheels)
  • Wheels: 120mm, high rebound alloy core wheels, high compression rubber
  • Handlebar: 23.6” height, 23.6” width, alloy
  • Headset: integrated with sealed bearings

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Scooter assembly is very straight-forward. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the box, cut the cable ties that hold the bars to the deck.
  2. Inside you will also find an allen key. (hex key)
  3. Slide the handle bars over the forks, checking the wheel is facing straight.
  4. Proceed to tighten the clamp bolts in order from bottom to top.
  5. Keep repeating this process until all bolts are firm.
  6. It’s riding time!


Please contact us if you have any further assembly questions: Send Mail


Shipping is only available in Hong Kong.

Delivery in Hong Kong is free to all major areas and takes just 1- 5 days depending on availability of stock.

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